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Here is the upcoming HTC Nexus 2016 in all its glory

HTC Nexus 2016

We are half way through 2016 and its time rumors about the next Nexus starts rolling in but this time, we already have a full fledged render thanks for the information received by Android Police. This year Google is expected to launch 2 or 3 Nexus devices and all of them are rumored to be made by HTC. There are also some rumors that Google might be launching a smartphone this year under their own brand name.

The render revealed by Android Police is not an actual press render but AP created it themselves based on the information received from their source. They are pretty confident about the design shown in the render and believe that the final phone will slightly differ from this render.

The phone in the render looks a lot like a cheap Android One smartphone with a very straightforward design with rounded edges and huge bezels on the front. The backs seems to be a little bit more interesting with a a glass portion up to covering about one-third of the total back. Camera and the fingerprint fall in this glass area. Rest of the body is made from aluminum and there will be a few color options available. The top one being a brushed aluminum one with white front. Google is reportedly also considering an electric blue version as well. Purpose of the glass panel is not clear at this moment but it might be housing NFC and wireless charging equipment. There are some antenna lines on the back as well.

There is no Nexus branding on the back of this phone, only a ‘G’ at the bottom but this could change on the final phone. However, there is also a chance that Google might be ditching the Nexus branding altogether. HTC logo is also absent from the phone which might mean that this is the Google-branded phone everyone is talking about. If that’s the case, picking HTC as the manufacturer makes a lot of sense as Google can easily tame down HTC to their own terms and HTC is also not in a position to negotiate with Google.

Specifications of the Nexus 2016 are still unconfirmed. There are some reports that HTC will be making two very similarly spec’ed phones with the only major difference being the screen size. The bigger one will obviously have a high resolution display with top-end specifications at that time.

The phone in the render will not seem attractive to most people, that’s mostly because this is a preliminary render based on leaked information. People are disliking the phone in the AP comments section but that was exactly the case when AP leaked the Nexus 6P press shots last year and now it’s one of the best looking Android phone out in the market. Android Police has a very good reputation when it comes with leaks related to Nexus phones so I am pretty sure that the final phone will be very similar to this one.


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