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Huawei opens customer service centre at Siddique Trade Centre Lahore


Huawei, one of the major smartphone manufacturers in the world, has opened up their customer service centre at Siddique Trade Centre, Gulberg III in Lahore. The new centre is to provide after-sales services to customers along with handling of all warranty related issues.

The company’s top leadership attended the inauguration ceremony including Mr. Shawn – General Manager Devices and Mr Faraz Malik Khan – Deputy GM Devices.

“Continuing with Huawei’s tradition of providing innovative solutions and products for the customers, we have established this advanced service centre which is designed to ensure the provision of cutting-edge facilities for the customers. With its convenient location and well-trained staff, the customers will be able to get a hassle-free service experience at this centre”, said Mr. Shawn while talking to the media.

Not only the devices in warranty will be serviced at the new centre but devices without warranty can also be repaired on competitive rates. Along with providing the after-sales services, the new customer service centre also has an experience zone where potential customers can come and have some real hands-on time with the devices before purchasing.

Huawei is rapidly growing with their latest phones thanks to their aggressive marketing and competitive prices. In the high-end segment, they are giving a tough competition to Samsung and in the low-end, they are going against QMobile and the likes. QMobile also has a service centre in the same building.


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