Images of upcoming Nokia Lumia EOS phone leaked

Just yesterday Nokia sent out invites for an event for a possible phone launch. Though Nokia has not officially revealed what they will be showing it’s most likely going to be the much awaited EOS phone. EOS phone, as we discussed earlier, is a Lumia phone with a similar camera unit we saw in the 808 PureView.


When the camera unit is as big as the one found in the 808 PureView phone, it’s all about how the manufacturer fits it in the confines of a phone. On the 808 there was massive hump on the back to accommodate the camera. What will it look like on the EOS phone? A phone released at a time where thin and light is the rage? Well a couple of images have leaked that show what seems to be the chassis of this EOS phone. We can see the hump to accommodate the camera, although it’s significantly smaller than the 808 PureView. The phone looks to be made out of metal but it could very well be a plastic with a ‘metallic’ finish. The camera ring says 41MP.

It’s important to know that this isn’t the first picture of the EOS phone that has leaked. It could very well be an early prototype and far from being the real deal.

Source: Engadget


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