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Instagram starts rolling out business profiles and promoted posts

Instagram Business Profiles

Instagram is now rolling out some long awaited features. After the initial announcement in May, the company is now finally rolling out business profiles along with analytics tools and the ability to promote posts.

Instagram is now a major social media network with over 300 million daily users. Lots of these users are businesses, who were using the image-centric social media network to promote their businesses despite the lack of any specialized tools. The new business profiles are changing that.

The “Business Profile” will differentiate individual users from businesses by displaying a “Contact” button up top which will let customers get in touch via phone, email or text. In addition to Business Profile, Instagram is also launching analytics tools dubbed as Insights which will let businesses understand what kind of posts are working better and how people are connecting to their profile. According to Wired, the analytics will be very simply so that they are easily understandable.

Finally, Instagram will also allow businesses to promote their well-performing posts similar to how pages can promote posts in Facebook. Companies can choose a target audience or let Instagram to do it for them before deciding how long they wish to promote their advert. Such posts will show higher up in the feed exactly as Facebook.

All these tools are now available in UK. US, Australia and New Zealand will get these tools in coming months and a global roll-out will follow later this year.


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