Intel to Launch 7W – 13W Mobile Ivy Bridge CPUs in Q1 2013

A couple of days ago, we reported that Intel will be releasing more power efficient Ivy Bridge mobile processors for Ultrabooks and Tablets. VR-Zone Chinese has confirmed those rumors. They got hold of a slide which tell that Intel will launch 5 new 10W TDP Ivy Bridge mobile processors in the first quarter of 2013.

The new 10W TDP Ivy bridge processors will be categorized as Y-series and will include 5 SKUs; Pentium 2129Y, Core i3-3229Y, Core i5-3339Y, Core i5-3439Y and Core i7-3689Y. The Pentium 2129Y processor will be equipped with GT1 Intel HD Graphics while the remaining four Core i series will feature GT2 Intel HD Graphics 4000 series.

The Pentium 2129Y will have a nominal TDP of 10W while the Core i series processors will have cTDP of 10W rated at Tj105C and Scenario Power Design (SDP) of 7W TDP rated at Tj80C. In the picture above you can see the CPU base frequency and other specifications of the processors.

Source: VR-Zone Chinese


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