Intel 8-series chipset getting a new stepping in September

Motherboard manufacturers will start shipping revised Intel 8-series motherboards with new chipset stepping in September of this year. The new C2 stepping will fix the USB 3.0 host controller issue which caused abnormal behavior and re-initialization of the devices when system resumes from S3 sleep state. This forced users to unplug and replug the devices for them to work properly.

The issue first arose in March but it was too late to fix it as motherboard manufacturers had already prepared their motherboard. The June launch date would have to be delayed in order to fix the issue at that time. However, the issue was not a major to delay the big launch so Intel has now fixed the issue and motherboard manufacturers are readying the revised motherboards which will start showing up in retail channel in September.

Intel 8-series

Source: DigiTimes


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