Intel Atom Z3770 Bay Trail SoC Performance Leaked

Intel is preparing to take on the SoC (System on Chip) makers with its new Silvermount architecture. The upcoming Intel Atom, Celeron and Pentium processors will be based on the 22nm manufacturing process. Today, we look at the performance of Intel Atom Z3770 Bay Trail low-power, quad-core chip designed for Android and Windows tablets. The performance leak includes GeekBench scores in comparison with Clover Trail, Clover Trail+, Temash and Kabini chips.

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The GeekBench scores for Intel Atom Z3770 are listed on GeekBench’s website. The SoC scored 2,093 leaving behind its predecessors with ease. The scores are compared with Intel Atom Z2760 (Clover Trail), Atom Z2580 (CLover Trail+), AMD A6-1450 (Temash) and A5-5000 Kabini. While we see an improvement from Clover Trail to Bay Trail, AMD Kabini and Temash still top the GeekBench scores by approximately 7-800 points.

Intel Atom Z3770’s retail version is expected to run at speeds up to 2.4GHz but the sample used for this benchmark was clocked at only 1.4GHz. It was tested on a device running Windows 8.1 32-bit Preview. Keeping in mind the CPU frequency, Bay Trail scored more points than a 2GHz quad-core Clover Trail+ chip as well as a 1.8GHz Clover Trail chip.

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It is believed that if Intel Atom Z3770 is clocked at its rated speed of 2.4GHz it will further increase the gap between the Bay Trail and Clover Trail chips and will shorten the gap against AMD processors. Although, AMD chips out perform Intel Atom Z3770 in GeekBench, but they consume more power which can be a deciding factor these days.

AMD ‘s quad-core Temash A6-1450 processor has a max TDP of 8W while AMD A5-5000 Kabini chip has a max TDP of 15W. Tablets rely on power efficiency in-order to provide a greater battery backup, which can become a hard task with AMD chips but with Intel Atom Z3770 which has a SDP (Intel’s figure for average power use under typical load) of just 2W, tablet manufacturers will be quite happy to work with Intel.

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Intel Atom Z3770 is the least performing chip in the Bay Trail family. Desktop and Notebook (Celeron & Pentium) processors based on the Silvermount architecture will perform much faster and will also have a higher TDP. These are just speculations at the moment, as the GeekBench scores listed above are of an engineering sample still under development so the retail chip might perform differently.

Source: Lilputing 


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