Yet another delay from Intel puts Broadwell-E behind schedule

Intel is having major troubles in keeping up with the launch schedule for Broadwell. The company is already a year behind for the desktop launch and now new reports from VR-Zone link to delays in mass production for Broadwell-E as well. Intel is finding it hard to keep up with its Tick Tock strategy resulting in mixed launches of Skylake and Broadwell in 2015 and 2016 as well.

Intel Broadwell-E Delay _1

Intel delays Broadwell-E mass production to Q1 2016

It all started with the transition from 22 nm to 14 nm manufacturing process and since then Intel could not keep up with the pace. First it was Broadwell desktop CPUs being launched side-by-side with Skylake-S desktop counter parts and now it seems like a similar strategy will be used for Broadwell-E and Skylake-E as well.

Since Broadwell CPUs utilize the same socket and chipset from Haswell so users will be reluctant to just swap the processors. Instead the logical decision will be to wait a little longer and change the whole platform. This might affect the sales of Broadwell-E a lot considering the performance gap will be less and the costs will be high.

Although Intel came up with the strategy of delaying the enthusiast “K” series Skylake-S CPUs in order to divert attention to Broadwell but in the case of HEDT CPUs where only three SKUs are launched its going to be difficult for the company to develop a new strategy. According to Chinese VR-Zone, early pre-engineering samples will be shipped in Q2 2015 while engineering samples will debut in Q3 and Q4 2015.

The mass production of Broadwell-E processors will commence in Q1 2016 so the launch will probably be at Computex 2016. Not much has changed in terms of specifications between Haswell-E and Broadwell-E so Intel might delay Skylake-E for one year as well. It might be possible that Intel skips Skylake-E so Broadwell-E can complete its tenure.


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