Intel Broadwell “Y” series Core M SKUs details and launch schedule

There is no exact ETA of 14 nm Broadwell processors by Intel and the latest roadmap revealed that Skylake and Broadwell will be launched side by side in 2015. New details have emerged regarding 14 nm Broadwell mobile processors which are expected to launch at the end of this year. Intel is making a name change for Broadwell mobile processors to Core M which resemblance the long lost Centrino M processors for laptops. CPU World has revealed some details of the “Y” series Core M processors. It will have three variants – Core M 5Y10, Core M 5Y10a and Core M 5Y70.

Intel Core M Y Series _1

Intel Broadwell Core M CPUs Details

Intel Core M processors will be produced in BGA packaging and will feature the latest Broadwell 14 nm architecture. Three SKUs will be launched in Q4 2014 and two more SKUs will be launched in Q1 2015. Core M “Y” series processors will have an extremely low TDP of just 4.5 W making them very power efficient. These processors will run at low CPU and GPU clock speeds but with Turbo Boost technology they will be able to give double the performance when required by applications. Below are the details of Core M “Y” series processors scheduled for Q4 2014 launch.

Model Cores/Threads Frequency/Turbo L3 Cache GPU Frequency Memory TDP
Core M 5Y10 2/2 800 MHz/ 2 GHz 4 MB 100/ 800 MHz DDR3L/LPDDR3-1600 4.5 W
Core M 5Y10a 2/2 800 Mhz/ 2 GHz 4 MB 100/ 800 Mhz DDR3L/LPDDR3-1600 4.5 W
Core M 5Y70 2/4 1.1 GHz/ 2.6 GHz 4 MB 100/ 850 MHz DDR3L/LPDDR3-1600 4.5 W

The 5 in the model name suggests 5th generation processors while Y indicates the series. The Core M “Y” series processors will feature 2 cores and 4 MB L3 cache. The flagship between the three, Core M 5Y70 will have 4 threads compared to 2 in other CPUs. All three CPUs will support DDR3 1600 MHz memory and feature just 4,5 W TDP thanks to their ultra low base frequencies.

Intel Broadwell Core M SKUs Avaibility

While CPU World was kind enough to enlighten us with the details of the SKUs, VR-Zone managed to get their hands on the launch schedule of all three Core M “Y”, “U” and “H” series. The “U” and “H” series SKUs will make their debut in Q1 2015. The Core M “Y” series processors will go in to volume production in week 28 and will be available for retail by the 39th week, no delays are expected this time.

Intel Core M Y Series _2

The “U” series processors will be divided in to three variants – 2 cores + GT2 graphics, 2 cores+ GT1 graphics and 2 cores+ GT3 graphics. The “2+2” variants will be shipped in the 51st week of 2014 and the “2+3” variants will ship in the 50th week of 2014 to meet the Q1 2015 launch. Moving to the “H” series Core M processors, they will come in both BGA and LGA packaging for laptops and All-in-One systems and are expected to launch along side Skylake in Q2 2015. Core M “H” series SKUs will have up to 4 cores as well as GT2 and GT3e graphics.

VR-Zone claims that Intel will also launch updated versions of BGA processors in 2014 which will include – Core i7-4980HQ, Core i7-4870HQ, Core i7-4770HQ and Core i5-4210H, which will replace the Core i7-4960HQ, Core i7-4860HQ, Core i7-4760HQ and Core i5-4200H.


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