Intel upgrading its Israel Plant for 10 nm Cannonlake processors

Intel is always thinking about the future even after being pushed back a little by the delay in 14 nm Broadwell. The delay in the switch from 22 nm to 14 nm manufacturing process did not effect the 10 nm plans for 2016. The company is planning to invest $6 billion to upgrade its manufacturing plant in Kiryat Gat, Israel and prepare the facility for 10 nm production. Intel is contributing to the the Israel economy for the past 40 years while enjoying many grants by the government. Intel’s Cannonlake (Codename not confirmed yet) processors will make use of the 10 nm manufacturing process in 2016.

Intel 10 nm Cannonlake Wafer _1

Intel 10 nm Cannonlake processors will be made in Israel

This news might ignite sparks around the world because most of the world has blamed Israel for the destruction of Palestine this year. Many schools and houses were destroyed making thousands of people homeless and without their loved ones. Since Intel has a monopoly when it comes to microprocessors so this will hardly affect its sales because in the end the consumers are hungry for the latest tech. Intel’s $6 billion investment in Israel is going to be the biggest investment by a foreign company in the country. In return, Intel will receive $300 million over five years and eligible to pay only 5% corporate tax for a 10-year period resulting in more profits.

Intel’s Israel plant employs 2500 workers and the number will increase to 3500 by the end of 2023. Back in January, Intel did not disclose that which one of its plant will host the 10 nm production but this upgrade plan points to the facility in Israel. Cannonlake (formerly Skymount) is believed to be the next step after Skylake. Cannonlake will make the transformation from 14 nm to 10 nm introducing more powerful and efficient chips to the consumers. Intel has already commenced the research and development on the new 10 nm technology and if everything goes according to plan then it will go in to production in Q4 2015.

Intel 10 nm Cannonlake Roadmap _1

According to Wikipedia, Cannonlake falls under the “TOCK” strategy and it will introduce new 200 series chipsets known as “Union Point”. The whole platform will be named “Union Bay”. Its too early to say anything about Cannonlake because there are still 2 years and two generations to go before its launch. What do you think of Intel’s investment in Israel after the Gaza aftermath?

Source: Fudzilla 


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