Intel Core i7-2700K Gets Official, Price Revealed

Today, Intel released an official price list which is effective from 23rd October, 2011 (that is today). This price list makes the Core i7-2700K official and also reveals its price. As we speculated earlier, it costs more than Core i7-2600K, the new top dog from LGA1155 Sandy Bridge family will cost US $332. That’s US $15 more than Core i7-2600K. This extra money gets 100 MHz of bump in base clock and extra bragging rights. The new processor is also suspected to have better overclockability as compared to its younger brother. One thing should be noted that its not replacing Core i7-2600K, its just another new processor. The Core i7-2600K is still available for its price.

The Intel Core i7-2700K will be available for sale from 24th October, 2011 (Monday) onwards.

Source: Intel Analyst Center


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