Intel Core i7-2700K is Coming!

Yesterday, Intel updated their Material Declaration Data Sheets (MDDS). New updated MDDS include product code for Core i7-2700K which confirms that Intel will launch the successor to i7-2600K in near future. Product codes which confirm the Core i7-2700K are BXC80623I72700K (for Chinese Market) and BX80623I72700K. “I72700K” in the end of both codes refer to the Core i7-2700K.

There is no work on the specs of this upcoming processor but looking at Intel history we expect similar specs to Core i7-2600K such as four physical core with hyper-threading, unlocked multiplier 8MB L3 cache. The only that is expected to change is the clock speed, that will be bumped up by 100 MHz most probably so it makes a base clock of 3.5 GHz, for Core i7-2700K, which will go up to 3.9 GHz with turbo core.

As this new processor will replace the Core i7-2600K so its expected to be offered at same price i.e. $317. There aren’t any news about when it’ll be released but we expect it to hit the market in Q4, around the same time when AMD Bulldozer will release.

Source: Intel MDDS


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