Intel Core i7-3770K 3.5 GHz Ivy Bridge Review

The Ivy Bridge Lineup:

Today, Intel is releasing a total of nine Core i7 models; five of which are for mobile products and four are for desktops along four Core i5 models; all are for desktop. We’ll have a quick look at the desktop lineup.

Desktop lineup includes three types of models, 77W full powered models, 65W low powered models (S-series) and an ultra-lower power 45W models (T-series). Like Sandy Bridge, we have a couple of fully unlocked ‘K-series’ models and partially unlocked models with Turbo boost but unlike Sandy Bridge, the best IGP (HD Graphics 4000) is present in both low powered and ultra-low powered models in addition of K-Series models.

From a pricing standpoint, Ivy Bridge processors will directly replace their Sandy Bridge counterparts and there will be no considerable price increments.

Today, we’ve the top dog Ivy Bridge with us, the Core i7-3770K. We’ll put it through detailed testing to see what kind of advantage in brings over the last generation Sandy Bridge processors.

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