Intel Core i7-3770K Gets Overclocked to 6.9 GHz with ASRock Z77 Extreme6

CPU overclocking new record releases today! Record-breaking motherboard maker, ASRock Inc., is excited to announce that Intel’s new start Ivy Bridge Core i7 3770K processor was able to be overclocked to incredible 6.9GHz with the company’s newly released Z77 Extreme6 motherboard. The overclocking-friendly Z77 Extreme6 mobo was designed for optimized performance and built upon top-quality components that are ripe for extreme amounts of overclocking.

The World’s Legendary OC Mater : Nick Shih
New record was created by the World’s Legendary Overclocker, Nick Shih, who had been topped the Professional Overclockers League for 18 months straight. With only two-year overclocking experience, Nick Shih is a living legend who holds the world champion title as well as being multiple overclocking world-records keeper which included both 2D and 3D tests.

Of course, good overclocking is only possible with good cooling setup. By using Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) cooling, ASRock Z77 Extreme6 motherboard is allowed to achieve the highest value of CPU overclocking at 6.9GHz! Moreover, the PC is even able to run Super PI 1M calculation programs stably and costs 5.304 seconds merely. Whoop! That’s really amazing and exciting.

CPU-Z is ideal for keeping an eye on clocks. It shows how crazy the Core i7 3770K is that a 97 percent increase in speed to 6.9GHz from default 3.5 GHz with ASRock Z77 Extreme6 motherboard.

World’s Legendary OC Master, Nick Shih, managed to hit 6.9GHz, and completely run the Super PI 1M calculations only within 5.304 seconds. Compared with 10 seconds of the normal default, Z77 Extreme6 only needs 5.304 seconds to run all Super PI 1M programs, so you can obviously see the stable performance of that PC.

Miracle also happened to Nick Shih’s another OC experiment. With same configuration which includes Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge Core i7 3770K processor, ASRock Z77 Extreme6 mainboard can overclock CPU to 6.7GHz high speed, and can even completely run Super PI 32M calculation programs within 4 minutes and 53.719 seconds.

With LN2 cooling, ASRock Z77 Extreme6 is able to maintain CPU speed in 6.7GHz high speed, and run Super PI 32M programs in such a short time – 4 mins and 53.719 secs. Users can easily realize how stable the system was.

Overclockable motherboards require unbeatable hardware specifications together with tweak software tools. With Premium Gold Caps, Digi Power, 8 + 4 Power Phase Design and ASRock signature XFast 555 Technology, ASRock Z77 Extreme6 is perfect to bring the unparalleled overclocking performance to serious overclockers. In addition to Z77 Extreme6, high performance ASRock Intel® 7-sereis Motherboard Series come with everything essential that help your PC to accommodate a large percent increase in stock speed. To unleash rig’s max. power, all you need is a right motherboard from ASRock!


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