Intel Core i7-4770K Review – Haswell on Desktop

4770K Review


Intel launched the much anticipated Haswell platform a few weeks back but we haven’t had a chance to look at it since last week when my local Intel representative shipped me the new and shiny Core i7-4770K processor along with their last motherboard; the Intel DZ87KLT-75K.

The Haswell brings forward the 4th generation of Intel’s Core series processors. These are based on the 22nm manufacturing process which is inherited from last year’s Ivy Bridge along with a vastly improved architecture which makes it one of the very important products in the history of Intel.

Looking at the wider spectrum of things and not just desktop; the Haswell brings the single largest battery life improvement in company’s history. Furthermore, the integrated graphics chip of this thing is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. With Haswell, Intel isn’t just trying to capture the desktop and server market but they are mostly focused on mobile devices like ultrabooks and tablets. To achieve this goal, Intel has prepared some mobile processors with as low as 11.5W TDP along with some new power management technologies. This significantly increases the battery life. On the graphics front, new Iris and Iris Pro integrated graphics have been introduced, some of which come with on-package 128MB eDRAM helping the IGP providing faster than ever graphics performance. This puts Intel’s integrated graphics in-line with dedicated mobile graphics chips like NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650M.

Intel Core i7-4770K Review

All in all, Haswell may be more focused on mobile platforms but Intel has implemented it in such a way that it scales from small devices to desktops and ultimately to servers. This approach provides consistency in hardware and software optimization. In order to achieve this, Haswell is being offered with increased power and performance ranges which scale according to the form factor it is being implemented in. Furthermore, it comes with three different levels of graphics subsystem, differing idle and active power levels, interconnects, and platforms making it more modular than ever.

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