Intel Core i7-4770K Review – Haswell on Desktop

4770K Review

Intel 8-series chipset & DZ87KLT-75K motherboard:

As always, Intel launched a new series of chipsets to accompany their new processors. This time it’s the 8-series chipset with the all new LGA1150 socket. Due to some major changes in the power delivery system of CPU (hint: FIVR), the 8-series chipset is not compatible with the old LGA1155 socket.

In terms of new features, the 8-series chipset doesn’t bring much apart from support of up to six USB 3.0 and six SATA III ports. With 7-series chipsets, the UBS 3.0 ports were limited to four and SATA III ports were limited to two only. Moreover, legacy PCI slot support has also been dropped from the new chipset.

Intel 8-series chipset

Intel sent their DZ87KLT-75K motherboard for Haswell testing. It belongs to their Extreme series and comes with the cool looking skull theme. Looking at the motherboard, it doesn’t even seem to touch the standards of ‘Extremeness’ set by some other motherboard manufacturers but it’s a good overall motherboard. The important thing about it is that this is one of the Intel’s last motherboards. With the launch of Haswell, Intel is winding up their desktop motherboard business and it will completely shut down in around three years. The main reason I can see behind this decision is probably very bad sales of Intel branded motherboards since they are not very popular in enthusiasts and that’s where most people get their recommendation. Enthusiasts mainly don’t like Intel boards for their overclocking unfriendliness but we’ve seen some Intel motherboards in the past that were very good at overclocking; Intel DX58SO is one such motherboard.

Intel DZ87KLT-75K Intel DZ87KLT-75K

Anyhow, with this motherboard business closing down, Intel can focus the freed up resources and man power of more important projects. However, we’ll still keep on getting a wide range of motherboards from other manufacturers like ASUS, ASRock, and GIGABYTE etc.

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