Intel Haswell-E details leaked: 8-cores, X99 chipset, DDR4 memory

Forget about the mainstream desktop processors and look into Intel’s Extreme edition Core i7 processors. Ivy Bridge-E processors will launch in Q3 2013 according to the leaked roadmap but lets talk about Haswell-E chips and what goodies are expected with them. VR-Zone got hold of exclusive information about Haswell-E processors which will feature 8 cores, DDR4 support and a new X99 chipset.

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Intel Haswell-E HDET Processors

Intel Ivy Bridge-E will be a refresh of the current Sandy Bridge-E lineup with minor tweaks but some major changes are expected in the Haswell-E processor lineup. Intel will once again step forward in to the future and introduce 8 core Desktop CPUs for consumers. The heart breaker here is that Haswell will not be succeeded by 14 nm Braodwell in 2014 but still there is a lot of good news to take home tonight.

Haswell-E will offer 4-core configurations on the 22 nm die resulting in to a choice of 6 and 8 core processors for the consumers. It will feature up to 20MB of L3 cache and HyperThreading providing a total of 16 logical cores. Haswell-E processors will have a maximum TDP of 130W to 140W. These Extreme processors will not feature an integrated GPU powered by Intel HD graphics.

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Lets talk about what kind of performance is expected from Haswell-E. Considering the 2 extra cores and 4 extra threads available in and combining all the architectural differences,  Haswell-E is expected to perform 30-50% better than Ivy Bridge-E. Its a very broad percentage we have mentioned here and its unlikely to be the difference between the two generations but still Intel will happily experiment on anything it feels like since there is no real competition for the micro-processor giant. Even in the future, its highly unlikely that AMD’s Steamroller chips will give Intel Core processors a tough time.

Wellsburg X99 Chipset

New generation means a new set of chipsets to be introduced as well. Along side Haswell-E, we will also get our hands on Wellsburg family of motherboard chipsets. This is the part where another set of innovations by the company will be introduced. The major enhancement will be the support for Quad Channel DDR4 memory clocked up to 2133 MHz and also the option to overclock the memory will definitely increase not only the speed but as well as the performance. Connectivity options available with Wellsburg chipset include:

  • Up to 6 x USB 3.0 ports
  • Up to 8 x USB 2.0 ports
  • Up to 10 x SATA 6 Gbps ports
  • Integrated Clock support
  • TDP of 6.5W

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There will be no support for DDR3 memory in Wellsburg, only DDR4. Users can install Quad Channel memory on up to eight DIMM slots depending on the motherboard with speed configurations of 1333MHz, 1600MHz, 1866MHz and 2133MHz. For the looks of it, DDR4 will hit the market with only 2133MHz speed configuration since DDR3 kits are currently available in 3000MHz options as well.

Quad Channel DDR4 memory will be approximately 50% faster than the triple channel memory first introduced in X58 chipset. The chipset will support low 1.2v modules and the DIMM connector will have 288 pins instead of the traditional 284 pins. The additional 4 pins will ensure the compatibility with NVDIMM modules. The good news is that both 284/288 pins module will be supported on motherboards.

Intel LGA 2011-3 Socket

Haswell-E will totally change the Extreme grade platform of today. It will also bring a new revision of the current LGA 2011 socket. Categorized as LGA 2011-3, it has the same socket dimensions and ball pattern pitch as the current LGA 2011. The number of pins in the socket will remain the same only the layout of the pins will be changed. According to the slides on VR-Zone, the new design will be more efficient and the additional wings will help improve package handling in LGA 2011-3.

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Haswell-E will be launched in H2 2014 which is still quite far away but the details sound quite interesting. Quad Channel DDR4 support will be something new in the industry and might come as a hint that next-gen Broadwell processors will also feature native DDR4 memory support. Though, I am still not sure if those 8-cores are really required by the consumers or not, since there are hardly any applications which make use of 6 cores available currently. Overall, Haswell-E is definitely to look out for.

Source: VR-Zone


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