Intel Haswell-E specifications leaked, Core i7-5960X tops the deck

Intel Haswell

Intel just refreshed their mainstream Haswell processors and now the rumors about the refresh of their HEDT (high-end desktop) platform has started leaking out. Intel launched the Ivy Bridge-E processors for the HEDT market in September 2013 and they are going pretty strong till now however people are now asking for more cores. IVB-E comes with six cores and now even smartphones come with eight cores but Intel desktops are still stuck at 6 cores. Now this will be changing soon with the Haswell-E processors which will be launched in the second half of this year. Detailed specifications of the new HEDT platform have leaked giving us detailed look at what Intel is cooking.

Intel Haswell

Exactly like the Ivy Bridge-E lineup, the Haswell-E product stack will also consist of three SKUs divided among ‘X’ and ‘K’ series. The processors will carry Core i7-5xxx naming scheme.

Intel Haswell-E

Intel Core i7-5960X specifications:

At the top of the Haswell-E deck is the Core i7-5960X processor. This is the first desktop processor by Intel to carry eight cores and it is the only one the Haswell-E lineup as well. It’ll come with HyperThreading bumping up the thread count to 16. It will carry 20MB of L3 cache along with default CPU speed of 3.0 GHz (100 MHz BCLK).

The Haswell-E platform and the Core i7-5960X will carry support for DDR4 memory with default speed of 2133 MHz. Furthermore, it’ll has two x16 and one x8 PCI Express 3.0 lanes for PCIe expansion. Intel has rated its TDP at 140W.

Intel Core i7-5930K specifications:

Next in the stack is the Core i7-5930K which will succeed the Core i7-4930K. It carries six cores and twelve threads thanks to the HyperThreading technology. The L3 cache is also reduced by 5MB to 15MB. On the other hand, the CPU frequency is bumped up to 3.5 GHz, that’s a 100 MHz higher than the Core i7-4930K.

This will also support DDR4 memory with default speed of 2133 MHz like its bigger brother. Furthermore, it also offers same number of PCIe lanes (two x16 and one x8 PCI Express 3.0) as its bigger brother while having the same 140W TDP.

Intel Core i7-5820K specifications:

The lowest end of the Haswell-E is the Core i7-5820K which supports six cores as well. It will replace the Core i7-4820K which is a quad core. So from now on, there will be no quad core processors in Intel’s HEDT lineup. It has same 15MB L3 cache as the Core i7-5930K while the CPU frequency is 3.3 GHz.

The Core i7-5820K will also support 2133 MHz DDR4 and will have 140W TDP. However, its PCI lane distribution is a bit different from its bigger brothers. It will offer one x16 lane, one x8 and one x4 lane.

Intel is expected to launch these new processors sometime after summer and these will be accompanied by the new Intel X99 chipset. For more information about the Intel X99 chipset, read this article.

Source: ChipHell


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