Intel Haswell-EX Xeon E7 v3 complete line up leaked

Intel launched a new Haswell-EP Xeon Processor E5 v3 family earlier this month for dual-CPU configurations. Today, we have exclusive information on the upcoming Haswell-EX Xeon E7 v3 processor family scheduled for launch early next year. The Xeon E7 processor family supports up to 8 CPU configurations in a single server and its targeted towards the high-end enterprise business only. The new Haswell-EX SKUs will have the same improvements as seen in Xeon E5 CPUs along with new “Jordan Creek 2” Scalable Memory Buffers. Xeon E7 v3 microprocessors will require Intel C602J chipset for four or eight CPU configurations.

Intel Haswell-EX Xeon E7 Lineup _1

Intel Haswell-EX Xeon E7 v3 Complete Lineup

Model Cores Speed TDP
Xeon E7-4809 v3 8 2.1 GHz 115 W
Xeon E7-4820 v3 10 1.9 GHz 115 W
Xeon E7-4830 v3 12 2.1 GHz 115 W
Xeon E7-4850 v3 14 2.2 GHz 115 W
Xeon E7-8857 v3 16 2.5 GHz 165 W
Xeon E7-8860 v3 16 2.2 GHz 140 W
Xeon E7-8870 v3 18 2.1 GHz 140 W
Xeon E7-8880 v3 18 2.3 GHz 140 W
Xeon E7-8880L v3 18 2.0 GHz 115 W
Xeon E7-8890 v3 18 2.5 GHz 165 W
Xeon E7-8891 v3 10 2.9 GHz 165 W
Xeon E7-8893 v3 4 3.2 GHz 140 W

The flagship Xeon E7-8890 v3 features 18 cores clocked at 2.5 GHz with 165 W TDP. Although power consumption is something which is neglected in high-performance enterprise servers but still the Xeon E7-8880L v3 with 18 cores clocked at 2.0 GHz and just 115 W sounds like a bargain to me. Intel has changed somethings this time compared to Xeon E7 v2, such as Xeon E7-8893 v3 features only four cores while the its predecessors came with six cores that too with a higher CPU frequency and lower TDP. You can compare the specifications of Haswell-EX with Ivy Bridge-EX’s compete line up provided at Intel’s site.

According to our source, Haswell-EX Xeon E7 v3 will launch in Q1 2015. There is no word on the pricing yet but judging from the past trends, the flagship chip will cost $7000 in bulk. The less expensive Xeon E7-4800 v3 shall range from $1100 to $6000. The new CPUs will be compatible with LGA 2011-3 socket and Intel C602J chipset. Intel Haswell-EX Xeon E7 v3 CPUs support both DDR3 and DDR4 memory modules. Stay tuned for more information.


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