Intel Haswell GT3e Performance Comparison with NVIDIA GT 650M

Intel Haswell is expected to launch in Summer 2013 and the company is already showing off its graphic power. AnandTech managed to get a demo of Intel’s upcoming Haswell GT3e integrated graphics with embedded DRAM compared to NVIDIA’s GT 650M discrete GPU at CES 2013 in Las Vegas.

Haswell GT3e is the fastest integrated processor graphics offered by Intel. It was demoed in a mobile reference customer board assembled in a desktop chassis and it was put to test against ASUS UX15 with on-board NVIDIA GT 650M. Intel tested both GPUs with Dirt 3 at 1080p resolution, high quality graphic preset, no Anti Aliasing and V-Sync turned off on both systems. Intel didn’t allow AnandTech to report the performance numbers but according to them, both systems were delivering the same performance.

Intel Haswell GT3e Graphics_1  Intel Haswell GT3e Graphics_2  Intel Haswell GT3e Graphics_3

It is not confirmed that which Haswell processor was used in comparison to the Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor in ASUS UX15, but Intel said that its the direct successor of the Ivy Bridge variant tested. A demo of an older Haswell silicon was installed in a notebook chassis running Call of Duty: Black Ops II which also gave very good performance. Intel claimed that the GT3e graphics will give the same performance as the demo in a notebook chassis identical to ASUS UX15.

Haswell GT3e’s performance is impressive, being integrated processor graphics. This will also result in overall reduction in power consumption since it will eliminate the need of a discrete graphics card. Haswell can be ideal for Ultrabooks or ultra thin notebooks such as MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, though NVIDIA is also planning to launch its new GT 710M and 730M mobile GPUs soon. Howecer, Haswell GT3e can be cost effective compared to buying a notebook with a separate GPU since it will obviously cost more.

Source: AnandTech


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