Intel refreshes Haswell Mobile Processors

It seems like Haswell is fighting hard not to die. By this time, Intel starts to discontinue several SKUs from the last generation line up but it seems like Haswell is staying longer than expected. We are already aware of Broadwell being postponed to 2015 even though it should have been launched this year and now two architectures will be launched side-by-side, Skylake and Broadwell. This is extremely confusing and it alters the Tick Tock strategy of the company. Problems aside, Intel is keeping the interests of its consumers high by launching Haswell Refresh CPUs and now the company has introduced SKUs in the Haswell Mobile line up as well.

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Intel Haswell Mobile CPUs Specifications

ModelCores/ThreadsFrequency/TurboL3 CacheGraphicsGPU FrequencyTDPPrice
Core i5-4210H2/42.9 / 3.5 GHz3 MBHD 4600400 / 1150 MHz47 W$225
Core i5-4278U2/42.6 / 3.1 GHz3 MBIris 5100200 / 1100 MHz28 W$315
Core i5-4308U2/42.8 /3.3  GHz3 MBIris 5100200 / 1200 MHz28 W$315
Core i7-4578U4/83.0 / 3.5 GHz4 MBIris 5100200 / 1200 MHz28 W$426
Core i7-4770HQ4/82.2 / 3.4 GHz6 MBIris Pro 5200200 / 1200 MHz47 W$434
Core i7-4870HQ4/82.5 / 3.7 GHz6 MBIris Pro 5200200 / 1200 MHz47 W$434
Core i7-4980HQ4/82.8 / 4 GHz6 MBIris Pro 5200200 / 1300 MHz47 W$623

Intel introduced three Core i5 SKUs in the Haswell Mobile lineup for Ultrabooks and ultra-thin laptops. Core i5-4210H is the cheapest with a 47 W TDP priced at $225. Most probably it will end up in cheap consumer laptops while the three other SKUs with 28 W TDP rating will end up in Ultrabooks, also they feature a better GPU.

The high-performance Core i7 Haswell Mobile CPUs are designed for high-end gaming notebooks and MacBook Pro Retina. Apple will upgrade its MacBook Pro 15 with these new Core i7 SKUs for better performance. The most expensive Core i7-4980HQ which features 4 cores and Intel Iris Pro 5200 graphics will end up in extreme performance gaming notebooks.

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Intel “Bay Trail” Haswell Mobile CPUs

ModelCores/ThreadsFrequency/TurboL2 CacheGPU FrequencyTDPPrice
Celeron N28082/21.58 / 2.25 GHz1 MB311 / 792 MHz4.3 W$107
Celeron N28402/22.16 / 2.58 GHz1 MB311 / 792 MHz7.5 W$107
Celeron N29404/41.83 / 2.25 GHz2 MB313 / 854 MHz7.5 W$107
Pentium N35404/42.16 / 2.66 GHz2 MB313 / 896 MHz7.5 W$161

Intel “Bay Trail” Haswell Mobile SoCs will end up in low-end budget segment laptops. Bay Trail utilizes the 22 nm architecture and takes advantage of its extremely low power consumption. There is only one Celeron SKU with 4 cores while the rest carry 2 cores each. Pentium N3540 has identical specifications to Celeron N2940 but comes with a higher GPU frequency.

All these 11 SKUs will replace the current Haswell Mobile line up till the launch of Broadwell in early 2015. Broadwell delays are most likely caused by the switch from 22 nm to 14 nm architecture thus TSMC needs to bring in new fabrication technologies.

Source: CPU-World


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