Intel Haswell processors up for pre-order in UK

ARIA PC, one of the major online retailer in UK has started accepting pre-orders for Intel Haswell processors and their supported motherboards. Computex 2013 is taking place after five days where Intel will launch its new line of socket LGA1150 processors. The retailer has also posted a picture on its Facebook page showing several Z87 motherboards in a semi-circle surrounding the boxes of Haswell processors forming their name.

Intel Haswell processors are already discussed in detailed along with the their performance which was leaked earlier. Many enthusiasts around the world already validated the processors as well as their overclocking potential which were found in the CPU-Z database. A Chinese website also did a complete review of Core i5-4670K revealing the performance of Intel HD 4600 iGPU graphics. The company has concentrated more towards the development of its integrated GPU in Haswell processors competing against discrete graphics card introduced by graphics giant NVIDIA and AMD.

ARIA PC Intel Haswell Processors Listed _1 ARIA PC Intel Haswell Processors Listed _2 ARIA PC Intel Haswell Processors Listed _3

Listed processors include Core i7-4770K, Core i7-4770, Core i5-4670K, Core i5-4670, Core i5-4570 and Core i5-4430.

Intel Haswell Prices:

 Model  Price
Intel Core i7-4770K £278.99
Intel Core i7-4770 £248.99
Intel Core i5-4670K £192.95
Intel Core i5-4670 £178.99
Intel Core i5-4570 £161.99
Intel Core i5-4430 £148.99

The prices look to be on higher the side but that is due to higher taxes imposed on computer hardware in the UK. Also the retailer didn’t give out much information about the processors and also did not mention any date for shipping. Anyhow, Haswell processors will be available at most stores by mid-June but major retailers will start selling them right on the launch day.

Source: ARIA PC 12


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