Intel Haswell Processors Will Ship in BGA Packages As Well

Intel switching to Ball Grid Array (BGA) packages is still an unresolved mystery since the company assured us that they will stick to LGA socketed processors for the foreseeable future but now VR-Zone Chinese confirms that Intel will launch several Haswell processors in BGA packages, flagship being Core i7-4770R with Intel HD 5200 graphics.

There is no news by any motherboard manufacturer on BGA supported motherboards. As the naming scheme suggests, ‘R’ stands for BGA packaged desktop processors. Currently, the company ships its desktop processors in ‘K’ (Unlocked Multiplier), ‘T’ (Low TDP) and ‘S’ (Low Power) models. According to the report, there will be three BGA packaged Haswell desktop processors, Core i7-4770R, Core i5-4670R and Core i5-4570R. All three of them are equipped with Intel GT3 graphics.

INTEL Haswell BGA Packaged Processors_1

As we can see from their specifications, they are trimmed down versions of the ‘K’ series, with lower clock frequencies and no unlocked multiplier. The flagship Core i7-4770R comes with four cores and eight threads and a frequency of 3.2 GHz while both Core i5s feature four cores and four threads and lower frequencies, Core i5-4670R with 3.0 GHz and Core i5-4570R with 2.7 GHz. The good news is that BGA packaged processors come with Turbo Boost technology, which will give a performance boost when the processor is under heavy load.

All these Haswell R-series processors come with Intel HD 5200 GT3 graphics clocked at 1300 MHz except for Core i5-4570R that has it clocked at 1150 MHz, but it is still a lot faster than Ivy Bridge’s HD 4600 graphics and is on par with NVIDIA’s mobile solutions as seen earlier. All three processors have a TDP of 65W compared to 87W of LGA processors. Intel is planning on releasing new NUC systems based on Haswell Core i5 processors and may be this is one of the reasons to release BGA packaged processors, but their TDP is high compared to mobile processors used in NUC and notebooks.

There is no specific launch date revealed for BGA packaged processors but they could be launched on the same date as the LGA line-up or a few months later with Intel’s new NUC systems.

Source: VR-Zone Chinese


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