Intel slashes prices on Haswell Refresh Core i3 CPUs

This has come off as a surprise but definitely a good surprise. Intel has slashed prices on  Haswell Refresh Core i3 and Pentium processors. A total of 8 SKUs were launched, four for each brand. The performance difference isn’t much except for Pentium G3258 which has an unlocked multiplier making it the most attractive chip. Intel is being quite generous to celebrate its 20th Anniversary while being the market leader so this is good news for the end consumer.

Haswell Refresh Core i3 _1

Haswell Refresh Core i3 and Pentium Prices

ModelCores/ThreadsFrequencyL3 CacheGraphicsGPU FrequencyMemoryTDPPrice
Pentium G32502/23.2 GHz3 MBN/A1100 MHzDDR3-133353 W$64
Pentium G3250T2/22.8 GHz3 MBN/A1100 MHzDDR3-133335 W$64
Pentium G3450T2/22.9 GHz3 MBN/A1100 MHzDDR3-160035 W$75
Pentium G34602/23.5 GHz3 MBN/A1100 MHzDDR3-160053 W$86
Core i3-41602/43.6 GHz3 MBHD 44001150 MHzDDR3-160054 W$117
Core i3-41602/43.1 GHz3 MBHD 44001150 MHzDDR3-160035 W$117
Core i3-43602/43.2 GHz4 MBHD 46001150 MHzDDR3-160035 W$138
Core i3-43702/43.8 GHz4 MBHD 46001150 MHzDDR3-160054 W$149

As you can see in the table above, Haswell Refresh Core i3 line up prices mostly remained unchanged except for one SKU. The Core i3-4360 is now available for $138, a $11 discount compared to the launch price of $149. On the other hand, Pentium G3450 also saw a price dropped of $11 from the original $86 launch price.

Haswell Refresh Core i3 _2

The main difference between Haswell Refresh and Haswell CPUs is the frequency. Intel has increased the CPU frequency significantly on all processors. Haswell Refresh Core i3-4370 is clocked at 3.8 GHz which is good for a Core i3 processor. Never the less its good news for consumers but weighing out the pros and cons, Pentium G3258 becomes the ultimate choice for budget users. While the cheapest Core i5 CPU is available for >$200 then spending $150 on a Core i3 seems useless.

Still Intel deserves some praise since the prices are dropped way before the launch of Broadwell. Broadwell processors are going through a lot of annoying delays and now they are expected to hit the shelves some time in Q2 2015 while the original schedule showed Q4 2014.

Source: My Drivers 


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