Intel Haswell release date & box art revealed

Intel always refreshes their box art with every new generation of processors and same would be happening with the launch of Haswell processors. VR-Zone has leaked an image showing an Intel Core i7 box which is allegedly for the Haswell models. This box is the first of have actual pictures on it, prior to this Intel only used graphics. Furthermore, ‘Intel Inside’ case badges are always shown on the box but this time either company decided not to show off the badge on the box or the whole upper part of the box shows the badge.

Intel has also posted a little teaser on their Facebook page confirming the Haswell release date to be around the same time as Computex 2013. Previous reports suggested that Intel will hold a Haswell launch event right before the Computex but according to the teaser, Haswell will be released during Computex (June 3 – June 7).

Haswell Haswell

Source: VR-Zone


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