Intel Ivy Bridge 3770K Featuring a 95W TDP and is a Worse Overclocker

Some box-shots of Intel’s Upcoming Ivy Bridge processors (3570K and 3770K) have been posted on taobao (Chinese online mall) and it looks 3770K will have a higher TDP than previously anticipated at 95W. Also we’ve been hearing Ivy Bridge processors are not as good as the Sandy Bridge processors in terms of overclocking and run pretty hot, although we’ve seen promising results on liquid nitrogen but these processors are easily hitting 100C mark on high-end aftermarket air coolers while still being clocked 200-300MHz less than Sandy Bridge counterparts, this might put some people off who were considering upgrading from Sandy Bridge to Ivy Bridge.

An forum member ‘RawZ’ has posted overclocking results of Intel 3570K which says the same high temperature story.

Source: Aria, SemiAccurate


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