Intel Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon Server CPUs – Prices Unveiled

According to latest information, prices of three upcoming Intel Xeon processors, based on Sandy Bridge-EP, architecture are revealed. These will be released along with Sandy Bridge-E desktop processors, in Q4 2011 most probably.

These three server processors belong to Xeon E5-1600 series. These will have similar specifications as their desktop brothers, though prices will be slightly high as compared to desktop CPU like they has always been.

Starting with the quad core Xeon E5-1620, which will cost $294 each in 1K quantities. It has 8 threads with 3.6 GHz frequency, 10 MB L3 cache with TDP of 130 W. Other two models are hex-cores ones. The Xeon E5-1650 will cost $583 each. With 12 threads, 3.2 GHz base clock, 12 MB L3 cache and TDP of 130W, its specs are identical to Core i7-3930K which will be available for roughly same price. The Xeon E5-1660 is identical to Core i7-3960X and will be available for $1080. As mentioned earlier, its a six core processor with 12 threads, 3.3 GHz base clock and 15 MB of L3 cache. It has same TDP (130W) as other two processors.

There processors will be compatible with LGA 2011 socket motherboards.

Source: CPU-World


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