Intel Skylake-S will be slower than Broadwell Desktop CPUs

If you are not already confused regarding Intel’s upcoming desktop CPUs then you will be at the end of this report. Fudzilla reports that Intel Skylake-S will have slower desktops SKUs compared to Broadwell. In more simpler words, Skylake-S line up will not consists of any unlocked “K” series CPUs on the other hand Broadwell will. It seems like this is the only way Intel can differentiate between the two architectures at launch while I am pretty sure just like Haswell Refresh, Skylake-S will also include new CPUs sometime in 2016 as a refresh.

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Intel Skylake-S desktop line up will not include unlocked CPUs at launch

For the first time in history, Intel will launch two new generations at once meaning we will see both Tick and Tock parts in 2015. This is good and bad news for desktop users. Good news is that mainstream desktop users who cannot afford the Haswell-E CPUs can get a taste of DDR4 with Intel Skylake-S CPUs. Bad news is that they have to compromise overclocking if they opt for DDR4 or vice versa if they go with Broadwell.

Broadwell will take over the mobile CPUs and high-end desktop CPUs only while locked and slower CPUs will be accommodated by Skylake-S. So as a result, Intel Skylake-S will replace Core i5-4690, Core i5-4590 and Core i7-4790 will be replaced while Core i5-4690K and Core i7-4790K will be replaced by Broadwell SKUs.

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Picture courtesy VR-Zone.

Intel Skylake-S and Broadwell will be manufactured on 14 nm process but the difference will be in the memory support and graphics. Broadwell will be compatible with LGA 1150 socket and Intel Z97 series chipset while Skylake-S will introduce a new socket as well as new 100 series express chipsets. Broadwell desktop CPUs will incorporate new and improved version of Intel Iris Pro graphics along with DDR3/DDR3L 1.5 v memory modules. Broadwell CPUs will have a maximum TDP of 65 W which might change.

Intel Skylake-S will introduce a completely new graphics architecture compared Iris Pro. Not only it will be faster but it will also be more efficient. Skylake-S CPUs will have a maximum TDP of 95 W but I am assuming this is for the enthusiasts CPUs while others will be 65 W. It will support both DDR4 at 1.2 v and DDR3L 1.35v memory modules but it will depend on motherboard manufacturers which one to include in their boards. Although we can see both, two slots of DDR4 and two slots of DDR3L as seen in the transformation from DDR2 to DDR3.

Haswell-E will remain at the top for another year before being replaced by Broadwell-E which might happen next year in Q4 if there are no delays. Both Intel Skylake-S and Broadwell CPUs will be launched in Q2 2015.


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