Intel SSD 530 Scheduled for Q2 2013 Launch, Features NGFF Form-Factor

Intel is planning to release SSD 530 Series in the second quarter of 2013 which will be the successor to SSD 525 Series. Itt will be available in three form-factors; 2.5-inch, mSATA and NGFF (or Next Generation Form Factor) which is even smaller than mSATA. Intel SSD 335 Series will be introduced with two capacities (80GB and 180GB) in the first quarter of 2013 and no other changes will be made till the forth quarter of 2013.

Intel SSD 530 Series_1  Intel SSD 530 Series_2  Intel SSD 530 Series_3

Solid State Drives are at a growing trend and major companies have invested in them including Intel. The NGFF form-factor defines 5 lengths while two of them will best suit SSDs. mSATA form-factor measures 51 x 30 mm while NGFF measures only 42 x 22 mm. NGFF form-factor is an ideal choice for ultra-thin notebooks or ultrabooks, it features both single and double-sided NAND layout which can allow a SSD sub-unit on one side and a PCI Express device such as WLAN controllers on the other. Single interface NGFF form-factor measures only 2.75 mm deep and double-sided interface measure just 3.85 mm in depth. NGFF form-factor can also support RAID 0 with two SSD sub-units on each side.

The launch of SSD 530 Series in NGFF form-factor is not yet confirmed but according to Intel’s roadmap it will be released along with mSATA and 2.5-inch form-factors in 80GB and 180GB storage capacities. These SSDs will be based on 20nm NAND flash memory along with LSI SandForce SF2281 controller.

Source: EX Preview | VR-Zone


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