Intel to Make Ivy Bridge Chips More Power Efficient

Intel launched its 3rd generation Ivy Bridge processors in April 2012. Ivy Bridge processors are Intel’s most efficient processors with improved performance over the previous gen Sandy Bridge processors. According to CNET, Intel will make Ivy Bridge chips more power efficient than the ones currently used in Macbooks and Ultrabooks.

Intel’s current Ivy Bridge chips which are being used in Macbooks and Windows Ultrabooks have a rated TDP of 17 watts and Intel is planning to bring this number further down. If this is the case then tablet manufacturers can use Ivy Bridge chips in their tablets for much better performance. Although Microsoft Surface Pro will feature a 3rd gen Core i5 processor but so far its the only tablet to feature an Ivy Bridge processor and it will be the existing 17 watt variant.

Most tablet makers use Intel Atom Z2760 for their Windows 8 based  tablets, though the chip is very power efficient but its performance is no where comparable to an Ivy Bridge chip.

Source: CNET.


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