Intel to Show Sub-10W Ivy Bridge Chips at CES 2013, Coming Out Very Soon

Intel will be showing off their upcoming Ivy Bridge chips at CES 2013. These have TDP of less than 10W and will be produced in limited numbers, an Intel’s spokesman told CNET, but he didn’t specify that how much the TDP will fall below 10W with these chips. Intel talked about these new Ivy Bridge chips on their IDF event but they didn’t specify any launch date or any partners who are on-board with the chip maker for implementation of these chips.

Currently, the lowest TDP for Ivy Bridge chips is 17W and these are being widely used in ultrabooks and Apple MacBook Air. However, these new sub-10W chips will only show up in a few ultrabooks as Intel is “on the cusp of Haswell” which will bring chips with even lower TDP. On CES next week, Intel will be discussing these special chips along with upcoming Haswell and Atom platforms.

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Source: CNET


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