Intel Unveils New Extreme Desktop Processor & Motherboard

Available today, the latest Extreme Edition Core i7-3970X processor and the Extreme Series Intel Desktop Board  DX79SR codenamed “Stormville” will unleash new PC performance for enthusiasts.  This is Intel’s highest performance Extreme Edition processor with 6 Cores, Intel Hyper-Threading technology, 15 MB cache, and 4 Channels of DDR3 memory. The Intel Desktop Board DX79SR, “Stormville” is our highest perforance Extreme Series Board designed for premium features such as 8 memory DIMMs, 64GB of memory, 3 PCI*Express 3.0 x16 graphics connectors to support NVIDIA SLI* and AMD CrossfireX* configurations, and full complement of controls targeted for performance tuning and overclocking. Unlock and Unleash with Extreme Confidence. Here’s more on the board and CPU.



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