Intel Xeon E5-2697 V2 Benchmarks and Price Leaked

Intel is preparing to launch a new line of LGA2011 processors in coming weeks, which includes Ivy Bridge-E (HDET) and Xeon E5-2600 V2 chips. Ivy Bridge-E processors’ pricing and benchmarks have been leaked already and Tom’s Hardware does it again by giving us a performance preview of Xeon E5-2697 V2.

Intel Xeon E5-2697 V2 Specifications & Price

Intel is planning on releasing a total of 18 Xeon E5-2600 V2 processors. These Ivy Bridge-EP chips make use of the existing LGA2011 socket and feature up to 12 cores. Entry-Level chips, E5-2603 V2 and E5-2608 V2 are both quad core processors with 10 MB cache and 80 watt TDP. Next in line, the Xeon E5-2620 to E5-2690 V2 line that comes with 6 -10 cores with CPU frequencies up to 3.5 GHz. The cache ranges from 15-25 MB with max TDP up to 130W. The company is also introducing two Low Power processors, E5-2630L V2 and E5-2650L V2 with a max TDP of 70W.

The flagship line consist of E5-2695 V2 and E5-2697 V2, both processors feature 12 cores and 24 threads with 30 MB cache. The E5-2695 V2 comes with 2.4 GHz CPU frequency and max TDP of 115 W while the E5-2697 V2 features a 2.7 GHz CPU frequency with max TDP of 130W. The Xeon E5-2697 V2 is the most expensive amongst all with an expected price tag of $2949.69.

CoresFrequencyL3 CacheTDPPre-order Price
Xeon E5-2603 V241.8 GHz10 MB80 Watt$231.62
Xeon E5-2608 V242.5 GHz10 MB80 Watt$337.03
Xeon E5-2620 V262.1 GHz15 MB80 Watt$464.48
Xeon E5-2630 V262.6 GHz15 MB80 WattN/A
Xeon E5-2630L V262.4 GHz15 MBN/A$701.01
Xeon E5-2637 V243.5 GHz15 MBN/A$1140.99
Xeon E5-2640 V282 GHz20 MB95 Watt$1013.54
Xeon E5-2643 V263.5 GHz25 MB130 WattN/A
Xeon E5-2650 V282.6 GHz 20 MB95 Watt$1335.85
Xeon E5-2650L V2101.7 GHz25 MB70 Watt$1395.91
Xeon E5-2660 V2102.2 GHz25 MB95 Watt$1590.78
Xeon E5-2667 V283.3 GHz25 MB130 Watt$2320.64
Xeon E5-2670 V2102.5 GHz25 MB115 WattN/A
Xeon E5-2680 V2102.8 GHz25 MB115 Watt$1943.93
Xeon E5-2687W V283.4 GHz20 MB150 Watt$2414.35
Xeon E5-2690 V2103 GHz25 MB130 Watt$2355.52
Xeon E5-2695 V2122.4 GHz30 MB115 Watt$2675.39
Xeon E5-2697 V2122.7 GHz30 MB130 Watt$2949.69

Intel Xeon E5-2697 V2 Benchmarks

After leaking Intel Haswell Core i7-4770K and Ivy Bridge-E Core i7-4960X performance results, Tom’s Hardware has now leaked benchmark results of Xeon E5-2697 V2 as well. The Ivy Bridge-EP part was put to test against its predecessor Sandy Bridge-EP along with Ivy Bridge-E, Haswell, Ivy Bridge, Sandy Bridge, Sandy Bridge-E, AMD Vishera and Trinity processors. A total of 17 tests were conducted giving a clear idea about the performance of this 12 core beast.

Intel Xeon E5-2697 V2 Benchmarks _1 Intel Xeon E5-2697 V2 Benchmarks _2 Intel Xeon E5-2697 V2 Benchmarks _3 Intel Xeon E5-2697 V2 Benchmarks _4 Intel Xeon E5-2697 V2 Benchmarks _5 Intel Xeon E5-2697 V2 Benchmarks _6

Ivy Bridge-EP Xeon E5-2697 V2 out-performed its competition in tasks this server processor is designed  for. Xeon chips are never meant for gaming and that is why the performance difference is negligible but when those 12 cores are utilized to their full potential, they do wonders. Overall, there is not a huge gap between Ivy Bridge-EP and Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon chips but it does performs considerably well. Power consumption has been reduced overall, which is an added advantage since these chips will be mostly used in dual-processor configurations. If you are in the market for a 12-core chip optimized for servers, then you should be prepared to sell your car for this $3000 processor.

Source: CPUWorld | Tom’sHardware


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