Intel’s Desktop Processor Roadmap for H2 2013 to H1 2014 Leaked

Whats coming next after 4th generation Haswell processors? Intel’s desktop processor roadmap for H2 2013 till H1 2014 is leaked and reveals everything the company is planning for the next twelve months. The most interesting bit from the roadmap is the launch of Ivy Bridge-E HDET (High End Desktop Processors) launch in quarter three of 2013.

Intel's Desktop Processor Roadmap Leaked _1 Intel's Desktop Processor Roadmap Leaked _2

Intel’s Extreme desktop processors are targeted towards the niche market and the upcoming Ivy Bridge-E lineup consists of Core i7-4970X, Core i7-4930K and Core i7-4820K. The new Extreme chips will make use of the existing X79 chipset but this time PCI-e 3.0 lanes will be integrated within the CPU for native support. Another thing to be noticed here is that the cheapest amongst the three chips, Core i7-4820K will come with an unlocked multiplier which is not present in the current Sandy Bridge-E Core i7-3820.

Its been just two weeks since the launch of 4th generation Core i7-4770 processor and Intel is already planning to replace it with a new chip, Core i7-4771. We do not have details of the processor now, but it seems like a higher clock speed or an upgraded iGPU might be amongst the specifications.

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Finally, we will see some Haswell dual core Core i3 processors in the market in Q3 2013. The mid-end segment will receive a new H81 chipset and six new processors. The Core i3 lineup will include Core i3-4130, i3-4330, i3-4340 while three new Ivy Bridge based Pentium chips will also be introduced. The Pentium product lineup will include G3220, G3420 and G3430. Lastly, the slowest amongst the Intel processor lineup, the Celeron family are being prepared for Q1 2014 launch while Q2 will include a refresh with Haswell based chips along with new Z97 and H97 chipsets.

Source: CPU World


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