Intel’s Haswell Processors Experiences USB 3.0 Problems

Intel’s 4th generation processors are scheduled to launch in mid-2013 but there is a minor issue found in the processors. Haswell processors will experience USB 3.0 problems, and this issue will be present in the retail versions as well at the time of launch. Hardware.Info confirms through an internal document that Intel has send a memo to all its premium partners regarding the issue.

Intel Haswell USB 3.0 issue_1

Acording to the document, upon waking up from a S3 sleep mode, users will face problems with devices connected to USB 3.0 ports such as blank pages in PDF files or video playback getting stopped. The only fix to this issue is to restart the applications which are affected and everything will run as normal. Intel assures that this issue will not cause any kind of data loss or damage to the hardware and a fix will be introduced in later revisions of the processors.

Haswell processors will be launched as scheduled whether the issue is fixed or not. Intel has requested its manufacturing partners to accept the issue before the company proceeds on shipping the product to them. Intel’s spokesperson Kristof Sehmke says, “While we don’t comment on rumors about future products I can tell you that Intel remains on track for the first 4th generation Intel Core processors to come to market starting in mid-2013.

Source: Hardware.Info


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