iOS 7 will come with a built-in cellular data monitor

WWDC 2013 had a lot in store for Apple fans. From the upgraded MacBook Air to the new Mac Pro, it was Christmas as usual for anyone looking forward to Apple products for this year. The biggest announcement of the show was iOS 7, which Apple called the ‘biggest change since the introduction of the iPhone’. There are many new features in iOS 7, some of which Apple covered. But there are many equally exciting features that were never mentioned during the show.


One of these features is the inclusion of a built-in data monitor, right into the OS settings. On the surface this looks like a rather trivial feature, but it has been one of the most requested ones from iPhone users. In this day and age of LTE connectivity, it’s imperative to keep a check on data usage to avoid any billing related shocks.

The built in data monitor in iOS 7 does not seem to be as feature rich as it is on Android 4.0 and above but it does give you the basic information. Each app is listed along with its respective cellular data usage. Furthermore you can also disable cellular data access to any of the apps by the switch of a button. What will really complete this data monitor is the ability to set predefined data limits and the ability to warn the user as he/she approaches the said limit. This is still an early beta so hope is that Apple includes this in the final build.

Source: Reddit


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