iOS in the car screenshots leaked

When iOS 7 was announced last year, Apple announced a key new feature that will be part of the OS from there on. It was called iOS in the car. It meant that for the first time, Apple made its intentions clear to power your in car entertainment/navigation system. Till now we haven’t seen any car actually utilise this, probably because it’s not officially available. But the leaked screenshots below show that it’s coming along nicely, and it’s not far from now that iOS in the car becomes a reality.

iOS in car

These images were posted on Twitter without any explanation. They don’t need any because they’re pretty self explanatory. This is what iOS in the car will most likely look like. You can see Apple maps, along with the user interface of an in-car navigation system.

ios in car

Eventually when the feature will be available, it will be seen in cars from Honda, Audi, BMW and more. The UI follows the same design guidelines of iOS 7, which means a relatively minimalistic and flat interface. It will be interesting to see what other functionality besides navigation does Apple offer. The real challenge however will be whether Apple Maps live up to the expectation of drivers across the world or not. Suffice to say, so far they have not.

Source: Twitter


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