iPhone 6 may use the Apple logo as notification light

The iPhone 6 rumours just keep flowing in. As each day passes we get closer and closer to the release of the next big thing from Apple. And with each passing day the rumour mill goes into overdrive. It’s difficult to filter out the more reasonable, or more probable rumours and reports from the downright silly ones. This latest one however has our attention and it’s perhaps the most interesting one we’ve come across thus far. It is related to how Apple intends to inform owners of the iPhone 6 when they have an unread notification on their phone.

iphone 6

Pictured above is the inside of the back panel of the iPhone 6. Notice that transparent looking plastic bit in the centre? That is the Apple logo that all iPhones have carried on their back. The difference this time is that the Apple logo is an actual physical part of the phone. Current iPhones have the logo engraved on the plastic or aluminium back. This upcoming iPhone 6 has the Apple logo as a separate part of the back cover. In case you’re wondering, this is how it is on the MacBook as well.

On the MacBook the logo is lit up all the time when the notebook is in use. We can’t imagine the iPhone 6 doing the same, but there is one other possibility that is being reported. A notification light! Apple can use the logo on the back of the phone as a notification light. Notification LED is one of the most useful feature found in some Android phones where the user doesn’t have to turn on the screen to check if something needs his attention. As always though this is pure speculation. However this is one speculation that we would hope does come true.

Source: Pocket-Lint


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