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Next iPhone to be called iPhone 6SE, coming mid-september

iPhone 6SE

As we are getting close to September, frequency of rumors about the next iPhone is only increasing. A latest rumors from a German blog, apfelpage, suggests that the next iPhone will be named iPhone 6SE instead of the long rumored iPhone 7 name. The blog cites some sources in China which have seen the packaging and labeling for the next iPhone confirming this new name.

Given how the rumors suggests that the next iPhone would not be much different from iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, both in terms of design and features, it would only make sense for Apple to call it iPhone 6SE suggesting that its only an incremental change.

However, I believe that not naming the next phone as iPhone 7 will really hurt sales as not many people with iPhone 6 and 6S would like to upgrade to 6SE given its similar name and design. Furthermore, media has already downplayed the next iPhone to death, the last thing Apple needs is to name it something that makes it seem like ‘another’ minor update. It would be a very poor marketing move. Though, it might give Apple another year to work on the 2017 iPhone which also mark its 10th anniversary and some reports already suggest that Apple will be bringing some big changes for the 10th anniversary of their most selling product ever.

According to Evan Blass (@Evleaks), who is well known in technology community for his accurate leaks, the next iPhone will start shipping on Friday, September 16. That means pre-order will start about a week before that and the launch event will also be around the same time. If the suggested time frame is true, Apple will start sending media invites sometime in the middle of August.


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