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New leaked pictures reveal all the colors of iPhone 7

iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 leaks are at full swing right now as the phone is expected to launch in a couple of months. Most of the information about the next iPhone has already leaked. We know that its coming with a new camera module (two cameras in iPhone 7 Plus), there will be no major design change apart from redesigned antenna lines on the back and most importantly, the 3.5mm headphone jack will be dropped.

The latest leak from some reliable resources reveal all the colors that iPhone 7 will come in. There have been some rumors that Apple will be bringing back the ‘Slate Black’ color option from the iPhone 5 which will replace Space Grey option and on the contrary, some rumors said that there will be a fifth option which will be a very deep shade of blue. However, all of those rumors seem to be wrong as the dummy units shown in the latest leaked pictures feature the colors that are already available with iPhone 6s – Space Grey, Silver, Champagne Gold and Rose Gold. Apple’s previous launch pattern also reveals that new colors are often launched with ‘s’ versions of the phone i.e. Champagne Gold was launched with iPhone 5s and Rose Gold was launched with iPhone 6s.

Apart from the color choices, the new pictures also reveal that the camera bump on iPhone 7 will actually be a part of the casing instead of bring a separate metallic ring sitting on top as in iPhone 6s. The bump will now smoothly sink into the body of the iPhone. Even though, the advocates of ‘no camera bump’ will be largely disappointed but this new design approach will make the bump a bit more aesthetically pleasing. The tweaked antenna design which is less visible on the back is also evident in the new pictures.

Apple is expected to officially launched the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus sometime in September later this year.

iPhone 7 Colors
iPhone 7 Colors
iPhone 7 Colors


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