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This is probably the iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7

Its that time of the year when the next iPhone is only a couple of months away and the rumors are rolling in at full pace. It has been pretty much established at this point that the iPhone 7 will look a lot like the iPhone 6/6s with rounded corners and smooth edges. However, this is the first time, we are seeing what could be the near final shell of the iPhone 7.

This latest leak comes from the reputed French blog, Nowhere Else, which shows the aluminum shell of the iPhone 7 in outside environment. The picture this time is fairly high quality too. Previously, we have only seen some renders and blurry photos. So let’s dive a little deep into the leaked picture.

The annoying antenna lines on the back, which first debuted with iPhone 6, are now redesigned to be a bit discreet. However, they still look a bit out of place. The second major change on the back is the camera hole. Its much bigger as compared to iPhone 6s and seems to be more protruding as well. This could be to accommodate new optics along with a wider lens which have been in rumors for a while now. There are also some rumors pointing towards a dual lens setup which we might see in the iPhone 7 Plus.

Finally, we don’t see the bottom of the phone here where the headphone jack usually resides but guys over at Nowhere Else are claiming its absence as well. That also confirms one of the major rumors about the next iPhone.

Nowhere Else has been a reliable source for iPhone leaks in the past but we should still take this one with a pinch of salt and wait patiently until Apple officially announces the phone sometime in September.



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