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Some iPhone X units suffering from mysterious green line on display

It won’t be a new iPhone launch without some issues and same is the case with the iPhone X. Some users are reporting a very bright vertical green line has been appearing on the displays of their brand new iPhone X.

Several users have posted about this issue on Apple Support Communities, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit and the mysterious green line has been dubbed as “green line of death”.

There is no particular action or app that is causing this issue and it has been appearing randomly on some devices. A restart or even a factory reset doesn’t disappear the line which concludes that this is hardware issue. According to some users, Apple has replaced their devices free of cost.

There is currently no exact indication on how wide spread this issue as Apple has made no official statement. However, the issue has been appearing on all iPhone X models.

TechCrunch noted from DisplayMate’s tests of iPhone X’s display that it used a new diamond subpixel pattern which puts all the green pixels in vertical lines. The green line of death is probably appearing due to some electrical issue which is sending incorrect voltage to some adjacent green pixels. The line would have been a lot thinner if the incorrect voltage was being sent to only one line of pixels. And mostly, the issue is appearing on either the left or right side of the display.

Such issues have high possibility in cutting edge devices like the iPhone X which are housing a lot of new technology. However, Apple has yet to make an official statement which will clear up a lot of question like how widespread this issue is or if it could be fixed through a software update?


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