Kingston HyperX 3K 90GB SSD Review

Closer Look at the Drive:

The Kingston HyperX 3K drive is exactly same as the original HyperX drive in terms of looks apart from the fact that it looks like a mono-chrome version of the original drive. Kingston has replaced the blue part with black to make it easier to differentiate between both drives. Kingston also removed their signature figure which was present right before the Kingston logo at the front on the original drive to make it completely mono-chrome.

It uses standard SATA power and data connectors. It’s a SATA III 6 Gb/s drive but it’s also compatible with SATA II 3 Gb/s.

Kingston HyperX 3K comes in a standard 2.5” form factor with mounting holes both on the bottom and the sides.

In terms of components, there is nothing new in the HyperX 3K as compared to the original HyperX apart from the NAND chips. You can’t tell the difference between both NAND chips by simply looking at them because Intel is using same part numbers for both 3,000 p/e cycle and 5,000 p/e cycle ones. As for the controller, it’s using SandForce SF-2281 controller as the original HyperX.

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