Kingston HyperX Beast 2400MHz CL11 16GB Review

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  • New redesigned heat spreaders make it very stylish
  • Decent out-of-the-box performance
  • Overclocks well with decent timings
  • Easy Setup
  • Good value for money
  • None

Generally speaking, Kingston products are always top notch. None of their products ever failed on us during testing or in general use and this new HyperX Beast kit is no different. It worked without any issue and went through our battery of test easily.

However, there are a few things I want to mention about this particular set of memory and the first one is the styling. The design is something Kingston have generally kept quite generic with blue everything, ranging from their SSD’s to memory and so forth but over the last year we’ve seen some improvements with the blue and black modules and now this beasty black kit which looks better than most of the memory kits currently present on the market. The HyperX Beast memory kit should match up nicely with most systems and mainboards on the market, especially with the high-end offerings from GIGABYTE, Asus, ASrock and MSI as majority of their motherboards have pure black PCBs now which compliment things further.

The performance of the memory showed some really robust results that left us very impressed, and though we’ve seen kits with tighter timings, this “Beast” of a kit didn’t fail to deliver. While overclocking, we did see some mixed results with some increases, and some decreases. All in all, we feel that Kingston has found the optimal performance at 2400MHz. To go along with styling and performance, pricing is everything these day. Luckily, Kingston has managed to make this kit extremely cheap and affordable; without skimping on quality.

Overall, anyone looking at purchasing a fast, high-end memory module kit from a reliable brand will not be disappointed with the kit we looked at today, and for the price, it’s definitely an extreme performer.

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