Kingston HyperX T1 2400MHz CL11 8GB DDR3 Review

Test Setup:

To be objective in the overclock testing, we use the most popular enthusiast platform, which currently is Socket 1155. Obviously, our choice for CPU fell for Intel Ivy Bridge as it provides a much wider memory testing range. To remove any sort of bottlenecks related to CPU, we have overclocked our Core i5-3570K to 4.5 GHz.

Below are the specifications of the system:

Each of the modules is pre-loaded with an SPD that contains information about maker, model and date of production. SPD also serves as an aid for setting timings and sub timings and provide values which are already pre-tested by the manufacturer. For that purpose, it features a set of JEDEC profiles accompanied with a pair of XMP. In reality, the first XMP profile stands is for DDR3-2400 at 11-13-13-30 timings, which is the actual spec of this memory and the second is for a more reasonable DDR3-1600 at 11-12-11-30 with slightly less voltage of 1.60v. Below is screenshot of CPU-Z which illustrates the above points in detail. Both the XMP profiles appear in the bios of your motherboard and can be chosen as per your will.

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