Kingston HyperX T1 2400MHz CL11 8GB DDR3 Review

Price Reference:

  • Great speed and performance
  • Good build quality
  • Stylish heatspreaders
  • Very big in size; might not fit with big air coolers.
  • Limited overclocking headroom
  • Slightly loose timings

It is a very well-known fact that more memory gives you more performance than higher memory speed, at least when speeds below 2400MHz are considered. That’s why there was very little performance increases between stock and overclocked speeds with this kit, in all honesty we didn’t expect any different as the majority of DRAM kits score the same. However, since the trend of using 2400 MHz takes centre stage the users might need to update the bios of their systems accordingly. Since a few early generations Z77 chipset motherboards might not support 2400 MHz memory kits out of the box. Most of the motherboard manufacturers are now working on releasing the updated bios for their respective motherboards to ensure that the users are able to use these amazingly good memory Kits out of the box.

All in all, it’s a great kit from reliable manufacturer. Kingston has truly come up with a great set of ram. This kit is worthy of consideration when you are in market for new memory.

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