Kingston Announces Memory Solutions for Microservers

Kingston, the leading manufacturer of memory solutions for desktops, servers and notebooks announced that it is shipping SO-DIMM and UDIMM memory solutions for both x86 and ARM-based SoC microservers. The company is manufacturing both 1.35v ECC So-DIMMs and Unregistered DIMMs with capacities ranging from 4GB till 16GB with speeds up to 1600MHz.

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Microservers market has seen a rapid growth presently and manufacturers along with consumers are shifting towards x86 and ARM SoC (System on Chip) servers in order to save space and power. In the last few years, ARM, Qualcomm, AMD and Intel have developed several SoC technologies with excellent performance and low power consumption. Intel’s newly launched Atom processors designed for tablets and notebooks are cost effective solutions and also feature in many mini-media boxes available in the market. NVIDIA also has its fair share in the SoC market with Tegra 3 and upcoming Tegra 4 SoCs.

Kingston is known for introducing top-notch memory solutions for every segment of the market, starting from its Value Rams for budget consumers and servers while Kingston HyperX product line up targets specifically towards the high-end desktop market. Desktop enthusiasts who fight for every inch of performance increase require memory with low latency and high overclocking potential, Kingston is proudly catering to their needs.

Microservers are more commonly used for web and cloud hosting and big data where petabytes of data is analyzed every second. Kingston’s low voltage and high performance RAMs make sure that the server is power efficient without any loss of performance. The company is also celebrating 25 years in the memory industry. It was founded on October 17th, 1987 and has achieved the milestone of the leading third-party memory manufacturer.

“New low power SoC designs such as Intel’s Avoton and ARM-based designs from Calxeda, Applied Micro and Marvell have allowed early adopters to bring microservers to the server market,” said Ann Bai, DRAM Sales Director, APAC region, Kingston. “As the microserver ecosystem and marketplace develops and grows, we are here to serve our partners and customers with low-power, high-performance memory offerings.”

Kingston Microservers Memory SO-DIMMs & UDIMMS

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For more information, please visit Kingston Server Memory.


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