KitKat update on Samsung phones removes benchmark boosting measures

Remember the time Samsung was caught using dubious measures to climb its way to the top of benchmark scores for smartphones? If not then you can refresh your memory here. The issue seems to have been set on the back burner over the past few months. However it was an issue that still existed in practically all Samsung phones running Android 4.3 or below. Now courtesy some extensive research, it has been found that after the Android 4.4 update, these benchmark boosting measures have been removed from Samsung phones.


Ars Technica did extensive testing on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S4, both which exhibited benchmark boosting measures. On Android 4.3 the behaviour we saw months ago was evident, i.e the CPU would go to maximum speeds as soon as selected benchmarking applications were launched. There were even presets for certain browser based benchmarks as well, such as Sun Spider.

After the Android 4.4 however the phone seems to be behaving ‘normal’. The CPU doesn’t go crazy as soon as a benchmark app is launched. You can read more about the technical details behind the whole process in the source link.

Source: Ars Technica


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