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Lahore gets major price cuts from Uber and Careem

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Uber and Careem, both the major car hailing services in Lahore, have considerably dropped their prices in last couple of days. On Thursday, Uber announced a 30% cut and two days later, Careem jabbed back with a 31% price cut.

Uber’s 30% price cut

Announced by Zohair Yousafi, Uber’s Head of Expansion for Pakistan, the 30% price cut is only for the per KM and wait time pricing  while the other charges like base fare, minimum far and cancellation charges stay the same.


Zohair Yousafi explained, “We are excited about our growth in Lahore and we are committed to making Uber the most affordable and convenient option to move around. On the driver side, we are confident that increased demand will also mean higher earnings”. He further added, “After years of experience, we have learnt that price cuts boost demand so more people are requesting more rides with Uber, meaning drivers will spend more time with riders in the backseat and less time sitting idly waiting for a request. We reduced fares in cities such as Cairo, Egypt and Lagos, Nigeria and saw that these cuts had resulted in an improvement in the volume of rides requested on the Uber platform”.

According to ProPakistan, Uber has over 1,000 drivers in Lahore and despite that finding a ride is very difficult sometimes and Uber has not announced any plans about how they will cope up with the demand.

Careem’s 31% price cut

Careem is expensive as compared to Uber especially if you often take small trips. However, following Uber, they also cut their prices by 31%. As their competitor, the price cut only effects the per KM pricing, rest of the charges stay the same apart from the minimum charges which have been reduced to Rs 290 from Rs 330. Furthermore, the price cut is only applicable to Careem Economy cars.

New rates are as following:

  • Per KM charges for Careem Economy will be Rs.11/km down from Rs.16/km
  • Minimum fare has been reduced to Rs.150.
  • The waiting charges have been brought down to Rs. 290 from Rs. 330
  • The base rate of Rs. 100 for NOW & Rs. 250 for LATER shall stay the same.

Careem wants their cars to be readily available and affordable enough so that everyone can avail their convenience and safe service.

In the end, all this competition is making these ride hailing services cheaper and better. However, we hope the decreased prices won’t affect the service quality of both Careem and Uber.


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