Lamptron FC8 Fan Controller Review

Closer Look at the Controller:

Each channel has its own knob & below them the channel number is laser carved onto the panel.

This controller comes with Lamptron’s new “Endurance Tech”, which Lamptron termed as “made with the finest components available to give them extra endurance!” As you can see from the images below (in between the two PCB’s) solid capacitors are used in this controller.

As you can see from the image below those rectangular pieces of aluminum with holes in them are MOSFETs, the part ID numbers have been grinded off the back of these so we can’t recognize the manufacturer. These black cylinders that you see are capacitors.

Along the back of the controller (below capacitors) there are 8 x 3pin fan connectors for each channel.

To the right of the controller are the 3 Molex connectors to power up this beast & all 3 must be connected to ensure proper operation.

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